Design As Nature

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Tech meets Nature

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Smart products from regenerative materials

Hemp composite skis Monviso edition


(Re) Connect with Nature

Rethink co-creation and learn tools of mindful innovation


Design Experiences

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Ski traverse safaris - Bike packing safaris - Systemic Cycles


Industry Co-Creation

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Regenerative Design Inspired by Outdoor Creativity

Outdoor tools  I  Local adventures  I  Design experiences  I  Industry co-creation

Skis I Knives I Cutting boads


Design as nature

Industry co-creation


Local adventures

Design experiences


We don’t need another (ski) company
but existing ones changing their business model




The Grown Hemp-Paulownia composite skis are the latest award-winning innovation in sustainability for the skiing world, illustrating systemic, regenerative design.

In a globalized complex world, with human-induced climate change accelerating, our homework is to minimize the negative environmental footprint of products and consumption. Performing beyond that, we have the chance and task to contribute positively to a regenerative, circular economy.

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