T(pr)actical knife

The Grown T(Pr)actical knife is a new Essential Outdoor Tool designed as an every-day aid being both highly practical for many things to cut – and tactical. Tactical knives can be used as a self-defence instrument. This knife is light and strong: it can be quickly pulled from its leather sheath by sticking one finger tip into the knife’s large central hole, pulling it out and letting it glide onto the finger.

A statement – more than a t(pr)actical knife

Serve food, place hot pots, cut veggies


Small: 7.5cm total, blade 3cm

Medium: 11cm total, blade 4.5cm

Small sizeMedium size

Artisan process


This safe holding technique allows for a short overall construction of about 11cm with a blade length of 4.5cm. It sits very smoothly in the palm of the hand, with the first finger holding it safely through the hole.
This knife is made from used, upcycled tablesawblade steel. The handle is made from very hard and durable alpine Laburnum wood from Sardegna.
The (Pr)actical is handmade in Europe and comes with a leather sheet.