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By February 24, 2021 No Comments

Cycling the Continental Divide

Cycling the Continental Divide – Boulder (CO) to Albuquerque (NM)

As outdoor sports enthusiasts we love the summer as much as winter, and so we venture on an August bike trip in the US – checking out great mountain terrain for a re-visit once there is snow ;).  A Grown Experience has something to do with self-equipped, unmotorized experiencing of nature, using smart designed products, and learning about social-ecological systems and sustainability on the way.

For this stretch of the continental divide with 1000km distance and 17.000m vertical to cover on dirt roads and trails, we designed a new travel bike. The idea was to design a simple, rigid, all-surface bike that could carry heavy weights on bumpy trails, is easy to repair, performs well on a sandy trail and on long paved stretches, and produces energy to charge all appliances needed, such as GPS and camera.